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Summer – Fall 2017

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Summer Filming Opportunities

Involved in filming for a trailer for a future lumber industry-related film.  Also a Civil War reenactment episode for a popular television series.

Music Programs

Private family reunion booking in August.  Contact us for information on our heritage music programs.

Stay Tuned for Fall Events…

Shays, Peaveys and Woodhicks @ Barkpeelers Festival

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July 1 and July 2 @ 9:00 am –  4:00 pm

$10.00 for adults, $3.00 for children

Shays, Peaveys and Woodhicks: Early Logging Days (Jack Hains, 1890’s Logger)
During this two-day Barkpeelers Convention Event, Rich will present programs as the spirit of 19th century “Woodhick” Jack Hains as he tells of the logging railroad era of the lumber industry. Learn about log slides, splash dams, Barnharts, Shays, “cookees”, knot bumpers, peaveys, cant hooks and the “natural law of succession” of the forest.

In addition, he will emcee various participant events including the Frog Jumping event!

For additional information: http://lumbermuseum.org

PA Lumber Museum

5660 US Route 6 West, Ulysses, PA 16948


Family “Cork” Camp (Postponed to 2018)

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This unique hands-on history camp is designed for families with kids ages 10 and older.  Corks, calks or caulks are the spiked boots loggers wear. This experience allows your family to wear the clothing and immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the past. Adults will learn to master the tools and skills of the wood hick or bull cook/cookees of the 19th century while children get to participate in age-appropriate pastimes.

Participants will also play and eat like a logger and be taught (by Rich) how to portray a living history woodhick/lumber camp character – skills they will use to participate at the Wood Hick Grove at the Cherry Springs Woodsmen Show.


This event is co-sponsored by the PA Historical & Museum Commission and PA State Parks.

Call the Lumber Museum  at 814-435-2652 or visit their website or additional information.